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Description: Gen 3 Coyote Engine Swap Oil Pan Kit for Classic or Later Model Mustang builds, Kit Includes Everything to Install GEN 2 Pan on GEN 3 Motor The stock Gen 3 Coyote Engine Oil Pan is a bulker pan...More Details »
Item #: SA-G3-CS-OP
Condition: New
Price: $389.00

Description: Rear Sump Oil Pan Kit for 289/302 Engines in 65-73 Mustangs and Fox Body Mustangs, Baffled w/ 5 Quart Capacity This rear sump oil pan kit is an excellent choice for Street performance Mustangs...More Details »
Item #: CRP-13-600-K
Condition: New
Flat Rate Shipping Applies to this item
Price: $516.00
Sale: $459.00
Save: 11%
Save: $57.00

Description: Coyote 5.0 Rear Sump Pan Oil Pick-Up Tube designed for the Canton Pan This is the Canton Racing Oil Pick-up Kit that is designed specifically for the Canton Road Racing Oil Pan, Part #...More Details »
Item #: CRP-15-737
Condition: New
Price: $150.00
Sale: $125.00
Save: 17%
Save: $25.00

Description: Oil Pumps (260, 289, 302) Oil Pumps (260, 289, 302) Sold as EACH
Item #: C5ZZ-6600-A
Condition: New
Price: $52.43

Description: Oil Pumps (351C) Oil Pumps (351C) Sold as EACH
Item #: D0ZZ-6600-A
Condition: New
Price: $59.92

Items 1-5 of 5