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REV Wheels

REV Wheels LLC is a revolutionary wheel manufacturer that strives to provide the highest quality wheels through product innovation and cutting-edge styles. REV Wheels offers a full range of wheels for Classic Mustangs and Late Model Mustangs and well, they even have an OE line of wheels in addition to an entire offroad wheel line! 

With REV Wheels, you can really put up the exterior aesthetics of your Mustang with old-school styling by installing a set of REV Classic wheels. These high-quality wheels will deliver timeless style and classic appeal, making them an excellent replacement for your old worn out factory style wheels or generic aftermarket rims from the 80's or 90's era. No matter what your taste or style they offer a variety of finishes to compliment your Mustang's exterior look and turn more heads wherever you drive with a set of stylish REV Wheels.

Stang-Aholics is proud to partner with REV Wheels to provide a high-quality product at fair prices to Mustang owners. REV Wheels and Stang-Aholics are confident they can provide the type of wheel and look you can be proud of on your classic or late model Mustang. If we wouldn't put it on one of our Mustangs we would not sell it to you for your Mustang! Get the look you are striving for and get your Classic or Late Model Mustang to stand out from the crowd wherever you go with Stang-Aholics and REV Wheels!